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my worst fear is looking bad in a photo with a celebrity

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Nathalie :) Do you need my middle name? :DD

Oh yes please, tell me also your middle name :)

  • Never leave - Zulu Winter
  • break in the waves - The Veils
  • To the end - Blur 
  • Happiness - Kasabian
  • Amarillo - Gorillaz
  • Lilian - Depeche Mode
  • Is it any wonder? - Keane
  • Every little thing - Young the Giant


Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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"Scarecrow, caught in my mind. Scarecrow not made for these times"-Finn Andrews, The Veils.



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The Veils signing autographs :3

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"Finn, may I take a photo with you?" - "Yes, sure!".

Well, it’s a bit difficult to take a photo with someone who’s signing autographs behind a counter, but he has been so sweeeeet!! And I also held his hand! <3  

Album signed by Finn, Sophia, Raife, Dan and Hubert <3 thank you so much guys <3

The Veils @ Bronson - Ravenna, Italy, 12.04.2014 - front row.

Amazing gig!! The guys were soooo good and so full of energy! And when Finn sang Lavinia…omg *-*

They were all so nice! I had too much fun :) 

Got the autographs from every member of the band and super photo with Finn Andrews <3 

Also the location was awesome! Very cozy.